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Cyrus Yates and Little Hands Drum Academy are in absolute solidarity with individuals and groups targeting the liberation of all intersections of identity. As I have my own unique and personal identity with it's own intrinsic intersectionalities, I recognize difference, validate difference, and empower the beautification of difference. In conjunction to the recognition, empowerment and beautification of difference I honor the diversity, power, and cultivation of authentic identities that these validations inspire. I acknowledge all intersections of identity are worthy of universal dignity and respect conveyed in a capacity unique to the authentic needs of the totality of the individual. I am committed to creating a learning space in which the wholeness of the person is acknowledged and supported so as to foster positive self-expression musically.  I believe we are whole because we are enough. Solidarity is the only way we feel love. I am in solidarity with the marginalized and oppressed narratives, voices, and journeys of EVERYONE in our community.

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