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"We could not be happier with our experience at LHDA. Cyrus is a great instructor and a wonderful person. He oozes a passion for drumming, which rubs off onto his students. Our daughter just completed her first year of lessons and is able to join in with family and friend jam sessions at home. The field trips and recitals at LHDA add to the total experience. I love watching my child progress both in her abilities as a drummer, and in her love for drums and music in general. Quality lessons at unbeatable prices with a talented, caring, kind, encouraging teacher. What more could you ask for?"


"Our son expressed interest in learning to play the drums. Rather than just buy him a drum set and let him go to town we wanted to get him some formal training. Sure, many drummers do well teaching themselves, but we wanted our son to learn how to read drum music and learn good drumming "habits" and technique from a pro. Cyrus is that pro. Cyrus connects well with our son and works well with us a parents too, he includes us in everything they talk about and encourages us to hang around during the lesson and ensures that everything he's teaching our son is in line with our values and goals. We highly recommend Little Hands Drum Academy!!"

- Jake

"My son is 5 years old and at the perfect age to try a little bit of everything so that he can find out 
what he is passionate about. We enrolled him in Little Hands with Cyrus Yates, as our son is a high 
energy kid and could use a creative outlet! We had a wonderful experience and Cyrus was very patient while our boy learned to focus on basic drumming techniques as well as express himself through free drumming. The curriculum is comprehensive and allows for child lead learning, which is a really important thing to our family. Each week we were excited to see our son light up behind the drums and express himself musically. Overall a great experience! Highly reccomend Little Hands."

- Molly

"My daughter has been taking lessons with Cyrus for several months now and I cannot recommend 
him enough. We actually have two friends who are drum teachers and we would rather have Cyrus teach 
our daughter any day. Why? Because his enthusiasm, patience, and kindness is exactly what kids need to fall in love with learning and instrument, and keeping up with the everyday practice necessary for success. The academy program is fantastic - there are ample opportunities for field trips and enrichment that can't be found elsewhere. Thank you, Cyrus, for turning my daughter into a totally rocking drummer girl!"

- Sondra

"Cy began teaching me the drums almost 15 years ago. I recently got back in touch with him because I had felt like I hit a wall in my personal progression playing the drums. He has been giving me lessons and helped me get to another level. He teaches the right way learning rudiments and reading music but still helps make it fun as playing the drums should be. I would recommend him for drummers of various skill levels and ages!"

- Taylor


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